Commercial Water Coolers in the UAE

In the UAE, where the heat can be relentless, staying cool is not just a preference but a necessity. Commercial water coolers offer a solution, providing a constant supply of refreshing water in places like hospitals, schools, and offices.

We will explore the significance of commercial water coolers, the types available, key features to consider when choosing one, and tips for proper maintenance. Keep reading to discover more.

What are commercial water coolers?

Commercial water coolers are appliances that dispense cold water in public and private spaces such as offices, retail establishments, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities. These cooling solutions are equipped with a refrigeration system that chills water, ensuring a refreshing and comfortable drinking experience.

The Significance of Commercial Water Coolers

Commercial water coolers ensure a steady and refreshing water supply in commercial spaces. They provide several benefits for businesses and organizations. Here are some benefits of commercial water dispensers.

Hydration in the Workplace

Nothing is as discomforting as extreme heat when you are working. Fortunately, water coolers provide chilled water, keeping you hydrated as you work. Furthermore, having readily accessible, chilled water contributes to employees’ overall health and job performance.

Enhancing Customer Experience

Using commercial water coolers in commercial establishments such as retail outlets, hospitality venues, and healthcare facilities elevates the customer experience. Offering chilled, purified water to customers creates a positive impression and creates a welcoming atmosphere.

It is a small yet impactful gesture that enhances customer satisfaction and fosters a positive perception of your business.


Commercial water coolers are designed for convenience. They include features such as easy-to-use dispensers, temperature controls, and large reservoirs, reducing the need for constant refilling and maintenance.

Types of Commercial Water Coolers

There are several types of commercial water coolers designed to meet different needs and preferences. Here are some common types.

Plumbed-In water coolers

Plumbed-in water coolers, also known as point-of-use water coolers, are directly connected to the building’s water supply. These coolers eliminate the need for water bottles, providing a continuous and convenient supply of filtered water.

Bottle-less coolers are suitable for locations with a consistent water supply. They have advanced filtration systems to ensure the water is clean and pure.

Bottled Water Coolers

Bottled water coolers use bottles as a water source. In these coolers, the water bottle is placed on the top of the unit. Bottled water coolers are suitable for locations without direct access to a water supply.

To maintain a continuous and hassle-free water supply, bottled water coolers require periodic delivery and replacement of water bottles.

While bottled water coolers provide convenience, they raise environmental concerns. Relying on single-use plastic bottles increases plastic waste. Transitioning to more sustainable options or recycling bottles can help you reduce environmental impact.

Wall-mounted Water coolers

Wall-mounted coolers are mounted directly on walls. They are ideal for commercial spaces with limited floor space like hallways or small rooms. They provide a space-efficient solution while offering chilled water when needed.

Countertop coolers

Countertop water dispensers are compact and convenient hydration solutions designed to sit on countertops, tables, or other surfaces. They are suitable for small spaces or areas with limited floor space. The compact and portable nature of countertop water dispensers makes them easy to relocate.

Freestanding coolers

Freestanding water coolers are versatile units that you can place anywhere in a commercial space. They come in various designs and often include both hot and cold water dispensers. Many freestanding water dispensers have a large dispensing capacity, ensuring a steady water supply.

Features to consider when choosing commercial water coolers

When choosing a commercial water cooler, you should consider several features to ensure it meets the specific needs of your business or workplace. Here are some key features to consider:


Determining the appropriate capacity for your water cooler is crucial to ensure it adequately serves the needs of your staff or customers. Evaluate factors such as the number of users and their daily water consumption habits.

Opting for a water cooler with a larger capacity ensures a continuous supply of refreshing water even during high-demand periods.

Hot and Cold Water Options

Water coolers that offer both hot and cold water dispensing options provide versatility for various preferences and needs. This feature is especially valuable in office settings where employees might desire hot water for beverages like tea or coffee while others prefer chilled water for a refreshing drink.

Both dispensing options accommodate diverse preferences, contributing to a more inclusive and accommodating environment.

Filtration System

A built-in water filtration system enhances the quality of the water dispensed. Opt for a water cooler with an advanced filtration system to ensure it removes impurities, odors, and contaminants.

This feature promotes a healthy and hygienic work environment. Regularly maintain and replace the filters to ensure continued water quality.

Energy Efficiency

Prioritize energy efficiency when selecting a water cooler to reduce operational costs. Look for models with energy-saving features, preferably those with Energy Star certification.

If you are uncertain, consult a reputable water cooler supplier to help you choose an ideal water cooler. Energy-efficient coolers not only cut costs, but reduce your environmental impact, making them a responsible choice for your business.

Safety Features

Prioritize safety by checking for features such as child-proof hot water dispensers, especially in environments with children. These safety measures prevent accidents and injuries, making the water cooler a secure and reliable amenity for all users.

Safety features contribute to a worry-free hydration experience, particularly in families or educational settings.

FAQs About Commercial Water Coolers

Are water coolers worth it?

Yes. Water coolers are a worthwhile investment, especially in UAE’s hot weather. They provide convenience and a steady water supply. Consider factors like maintenance costs, electricity usage, and the availability of water refills when purchasing a water cooler.

Are water coolers safe to drink from?

Generally, water coolers are safe to drink from when properly maintained. However, you should follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for cleaning and sanitizing the dispenser.

Bottled water coolers require proper handling of water bottles to avoid contamination. You should connect point-of-use (POU) water coolers to a clean water source and change the filters as recommended.

Are water coolers expensive to run?

The operating costs of water coolers can vary depending on the type of dispenser and energy efficiency. Bottled water coolers involve the recurring cost of purchasing water bottles.

Point-of-use (POU) coolers might have lower operational costs, but they require electricity for cooling and, in some cases, heating. Consider choosing energy-efficient models and monitor usage patterns to manage operating expenses effectively.

Final Thoughts Commercial water coolers

Commercial water coolers are necessary to stay hydrated and comfortable in the UAE’s arid climate. You can choose a suitable water cooler for your needs from the various types available in the market. When choosing a commercial water dispenser, consider its safety features, capacity, filtration system, energy efficiency, and more.

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